Hydraulic Cone Crusher

A cone crusher is basically a machine used to crush or smash big material substances into smaller or fine particles. Although there are other types of crushers like Jaw crusher, Gyratory crusher and impact rusher, cone crushers are specifically designed with a cone shaped inlet from where the object material is put in for crushing. There are two types of cone crushers viz. Spring Cone Crusher and Hydraulic Cone Crusher. However, Hydraulic Cone Crusher gives you more advantages than a normal spring cone crusher.


High crushing ratio and production efficiency
The rates greater power and this helps the machine to pass the material at an excellent speed. So, eventually it delivers a high production and crushing rate.

 Low maintenance cost
This is a great advantage that one can have with a Hydraulic Cone Crusher. Almost all components of the machine have an anti wearing protection. Ultimately, this increases the life span of components by around 30%. So, increased life means increased efficiency and low maintenance cost.

 High quality product shape output
A hydraulic cone crusher uses the method of pressuring two surface layers to crush objects and has adjustable turning speed. A hydraulic cone crusher can selectively smash objects while crushing and this can help increase the quality output of fine objects and cubic shaped objects, as wished.

Automatic discharging
The bidirectional metal releasing part of a hydraulic cone crusher automatically adjusts and discharges the bulk while crushing. So there is no need to halt the crushing process and clean the objects manually.

Thin oil lubrication system
The thin oil lubrication system of a hydraulic cone crusher plays a very important role in increasing the life of a crusher. This further helps in making the production process cost efficient.

Hydraulic Series Cone Crusher
Hydraulic Series Cone Crusher
High Efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher
High Efficiency Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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