Compound Cone Crusher

Compound cone crusher uses the best combination of crushing frequencies and eccentricity, so it can crush materials into finer.The crushing capacity of the compound cone crusher is higher compared to similar models. The machine can enhance the role of the lamination of material smashing, and effectively improve the three-dimensional shape of crushed material.

The pneumatic and hydraulic insurance, hydraulic lock, hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic cavities cleaning make the operation easier to automate 

Under normal conditions of use, the device adopts optimized design, allows trouble-free run rate more than 95% 

The compound cone crusher is divided into standard type and short-head type 

Short-head type compound cone crusher is conducive to the production of fine-grade materials, while standard type compound cone crusher is commonly used for medium crushing and fine crushing 

Advantages of compound cone crusher

Less consumption of wearing parts, low operating cost 

Laminating crushing, better shape of finished product 

Hydraulic protection, hydraulic cavity clearing and high degree of automation, reducing downtime time 

Thin oil for lubrication, reliable and advanced, improving the service life 

 A variety of crushing cavities, flexible, strong adaptability 

 Easy maintenance, easy operation 

High Efficient Compound  Cone Crusher
High Efficient Compound Cone Crusher
Low Consumption Rock Crushing Machine
Low Consumption Rock Crushing Machine

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