Mobile Stone Processing Crusher Plant Price For Sale

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Model No.: ST-0056

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Mobile Stone Processing Crusher Plant Price For Sale

A mobile crusher plant is a unique machine that includes three stages of crushing.
Mobile crusher is the most advanced crushing equipment available on the market.
The rock crushing equipment is mostly used in mining fields and urban construction waste job sites, for both screening and crushing.
Mobile Screening Plant is flexible configuration has a discharge hopper that is capable to screen, crush and transport materials at once.
The flexible configuration makes the mobile crushing plant a suitable machine for a broad range of applications.

Complete construction waste crushing equipment
Construction waste disposal process
Save landfill costs and a large number of landfill sites, reduce environmental pollution
Reduce natural sand mining, natural resources and protection of the human environment, in line with the sustainable development strategy.
The use of renewable raw materials recycled products.

mobile crushing


Source of technologies: Wheel crusher production line of American  and national patent declared by our company.



1.It is fast to transfer to another working area without

dismounting and installation by trailers;

2.All-weather, cross-country and distributing production;

3.Electrical power and cable connection are needed for


4.Dirt is removed on lateral belt;

5. The primary belt is connected to both feeders and jaw

crushers for continuing production;

6. Hydraulic parking-brake system; hydraulic and mechanical

are stable and reliable;

7. Both remote and manual control is available for system operation.


Unit Type  DCP150
Unit Description  wheeled mobile hydraulic coarse crushing unit
Use Production of course crushed rock
Features  Flexible minimal foundation requirements
Capacity 150t/h
Outline size 13868x3466x5616
Running speed 30km/h
Turning speed 12.5M
Feeder  YGZ1060
Lateral conveyor for fines YZB650X4780
Jaw crusher YEP750X1060
Product converyor(curved) YB800X11000
Electic hydraulic power soucre CPY20KW
Total weight 63560KG
Self-taking tractor Seat load:15185kg    Traction load :39185kg

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